SpendoGram - Monitor your daily and monthly expenses and financials
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Friday,21st October, 2016.
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SpendoGram is a simple, efficient mobile / web tool that can help you monitor your personal or small business cash flow and finances in general.

It does not require any knowledge of accounting. It is the perfect multi-user tool for you wether you have your business or family in single or multi-location. Husband, wife and children can independently enter their daily expenses and SpendoGram will collate all entries in real time to show the family's financial direction.

It is an excellent tool for you if you are a student or an employee who wishes to monitor your monthly expenses and income(s) to have insight into your cash flow pattern.

At any point in time SpendoGram can easily help you know the following:

  • History of your Cash Flow in and out
  • How much are you owing people and who are the people?
  • How much are people owing you and who are they?
  • What do you spend most on?
  • How much profits have you made?
  • How much money have you saved and where is it?
  • How much cash do you have now?
  • Compare this week and any past week
  • Compare this month and any past month
  • Compare this year and any past year
  • Financially, are you growing or shrinking? Why?
  • How much are you worth right now?
  • Etc, etc

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